Sunday, 4 August 2013

Initiation rite

We're here to celebrate!

If you're a wotan worshipper the initiation rite is a very important part of your life. Usually, this rite is something about killing bears, drinking blood, dancing all night and having sex with virgins.. while they try to kill you with a sacred knife.

If you're a programmer you don't have to do anything of this, but you still need something that demostrate that you've grown up.

For me, it's the pull request Dancer2 team accepted today. It's something about sessions and forward that I found while developing the Dancer2::Plugin::Multilang. It's just a small thing, nothing revolutionary, but seeing it merged in the Big Project gives me a good feeling.
I think that working on a big open source project like Dancer2, also giving little contribute, is good to learn a lot about coding, collaboration and computer science. I think all people should try something like this, just to improve their skills.

Probably I'll talk about this some day, a technicle, boring post about data flows, but that time is not now. Now it's just time to celebrate!

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