Sunday, 29 September 2013

404 Ghost workaround

A little recap:

Here I stated a problem about phantom 404 and  a (wrong) solution to it.
Here I confessed I was working on the issue.
Here It's the work I'm doing with a long and boring description of the problem that I'll not repeat in this blog.

...but probably you don't want to wait until the problem is really closed because you have (as me) a package that you want on CPAN to share it with the world.

Oh yes, the problem! Let me say it with few words:
You have a plugin that modify the request path in a before hook. You want that, when the user write (for example) /prefix/good/path, your plugin change it to /good/path. Obviously the code that will answer to this will be:

get '/good/path' => sub {...}

You don't define anything about /prefix/good/path because the plugin will always change it, so you'll never need to answer with it.
This works! I can swear it calling Wotan on my side. But when you try to test it with dzil test the test you wrote fails.

Long explanation for why this happen, as I said, is here. Little workaround you can use to stop this happening is adding a public directory under the t with just a dummy file. This way fix the problem and make you test suit running flawless!

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