Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Habemus Strehler!

Well, i worked a lot about it behind the scene, so i'm now a little excited to talk about Strehler, my most complex Perl work.

Link to github first:

As the README says, Strehler is a light-weight, nerdy, smart CMS in perl based on Perl Dancer2 framework. The story of his creation is very simple: I had to create a website (well, more than one) and after I decided to use Dancer2 I also decided to write the backend interface for it once for all, developing a tool easy to install on any type of webapp you need and with a lot of customizations available out of the box.

Strehler implements just the standard CRUD needed for a standard site. It can create articles, upload images, organize things  with tags and categories. I said more about it in the github wiki.

In my opinion the software reached enough stability to deserve version 1.0.0 tag. My hope now is for people to download it, try it and tell me where I'm wrong thinking this. At this point of development Strehler needs to be seen by fresh eyes, this is the reason i'm announcing that with so much emphasis.

You can try Strehler, you can use it, you can just find something you don't like and tell me. If you like collaborative work or if you think that Strehler can be what you need with some modifications, just work on it. Code is open and the git repository is there to be used. If you need some advice about how to improve the tool, try the TODO page. It's there for me as for everyone ho like to develope using Perl.

Strehler is ready! Cheers!

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