Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The darkest hour

I've been away from this place for long time, I know, and I also know that also Strehler has been left with no updates for many months. There're technical questions about all this silence and I want to explain them here.

This summer Dancer2 reached release 0.150000, quite an improvement! A lot of things changed with this release of the framework, most of them related to the concept of App.

Major architectural changes are something I know I have to deal with, talking about Strehler's developement. Dancer2 code is not stable, it's usually considered alpha and I know that chasing its releases is one of the most difficult but important tasks for me as mantainer of a module based on it.

Problem is 0.150000 Dancer2 was too much. I described the issue introduced by this release here, Briefly, an App installed in your local repository gives a lot of trouble when it's time to read configuration files, because App uses its own path to find site resources, ignoring the path of the script that manage site startup.

For now, in my opinion, there's no way to solve the question fixing Strehler. Problem is inside Dancer2 architecture so I hope that the Dancer2 development team will do something. Waiting for it, this is what I can say if you want to use Strehler:

  • Strehler latest release is perfectly working with any Dancer2 0.14x release. So, if you don't update Dancer2 packages too much you have nothig to fear.
  • You can make Strehler works with Dancer2 0.15. You just have to ignore all the tests and run your site setting the environmental variable DANCER_CONFDIR as the directory where your config file is. It's quite simple and I know I could consider it the definitive fallback, but it's not clean and still I don't know how to use it to run the test suit, so I take this as a temporary workaround.
Well, I don't have much more to say, this is the situation at today. I hope it will change soon and I think it will, but patience, for a bit, has to be your new best friend.

Last announcement: Strehler has now a site. Click here for it. Important articles from this blog will be reported there, as a place to aggregate every communication about the development.

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