Monday, 2 June 2014

1.1.10 is da boss + something about AJAX

It's impossible to be sure about something like this, but I think I can consider Strehler 1.1.10 version as the first actual mature version of the product.

When I released on CPAN 1.1.0 I didn't consider it mature because I knew that a lot of features were implemented in the wrong way and many tools were hard to be used by a developer. There were too much cut and past, too much hocus pocus, too complex documentation to read.

Now, in my opinion, a developer can implement his site in a very quick way, understanding what he's doing and with the right level of trust in what I did and in what I will do (for example: update my code).

So, this time i want to make a toast bigger than the ones about previous releases.

Closing the last little bugs about Strehler I found something very interesting about  Dancer2::Plugin::AJAX that I want to share with you.

Dancer2 AJAX plugin is a little piece of code that wrap few interesting features you like to have where you serve an AJAX request.
More than this: it's really easy to use, you should never understimate that.

The strange thing about the plugin is that answer content type default is XML... In my opinion this is a little weird because when I think about AJAX I usually think about Javascript interaction where JSON is easier to use.

You can just configure the plugin to give you back a different content type, but when we modify global configuration I don't completely understand, I become a little paranoid. So my decision for my routes was to force the right content-type directly in the function.

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