Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Strehler 1.1.9 released

Released but not perfect. There're little problems about documentation and I probably found a little error in strehler script, layout function. Well, as usual...

I'm not sure I can find a way to test Strehler script but I should, at least to check if it gives an error in standard situations. The script, in my opinion, is a very sensitive part of the package. Strehler script go to war on the open ground of user's file system, it can find strange things and fight insidious enemies, it deserves attention. For example, I'm not sure how it works under Windows...

Another point in my TO-DO list is find a way to see how CPAN page will be rendered, after package upload, just to avoid little glitches in documentation as I'm experimenting now.

Well, stop with the bad things, a Strehler release is always something to celebrate, 1.1.9 bring order in FormFu elements and configuration and we love it for that!

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