Sunday, 4 May 2014

Messing a lot with files

So we have a 1.1.8 just to bugfix strehler statics. 
Problem using it to update (not create) files on a package update was that file were created all read-only, as they are saved in the CPAN package, and when new ones tried to overwrite them they obtain a permission denied.
Only solution I found is to delete the public/strehler directory from the target project and then copy again it with all the files in the last version. This is not an operation easy to do using perl libraries, I found them a little complicated to use. They don't actually map the shell commands (rm, cp, mv) but follow their logic, so using them for what I needed was a bit difficult.
For example there's not a straight way to copy a directory from a place to another as in:
If you just use  dircopy from File::Copy::Recursive as:
then all files in $DIR will be trasferred under $DESTINATION (files, NOT the directory).
To obtain what I said you have to... well, copy and paste the magic string:
$File::Copy::Recursive::CPRFComp = 1;
The magic and not-exactly-human-readable string.

I already released a new version because update problem wasn't the only problem of the statics command... Well, the whole command implementation was a mess, with wrong messages and other problems, so i wasn't confortable leaving it in CPAN for a long time. It's just a little number increase...

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