Friday, 2 May 2014

All the releases come with a bug

So I released Strehler 1.1.7. Now the filter is improved and you can select a category to obtain all the elements in it and in its children.

The real reason I did it, however, is that 1.1.6 has a terrible bug that break the strehler initdb command making impossible a complete Strehler installation as described in the documentation. Strehler installation process is something that MUST go well plain and fast or I judge the entire package useless, because I created it to make a CMS deployment easy.

But... now I found a little problem on strehler statics when it comes to use it to update your statics after an update of the package. Less vital than the solved bug on initdb, but still annoying, probably e new release will be done soon.
At the moment, if you update Strehler package from a version to another (for example from 1.1.6 to 1.1.7) to make all works delete the public/strehler directory in your project and then run strehler statics again. Al the resources will be regenerated in the right version.

Also the Dancer2 0.14000 release gave me some work. As described in the release notes, Runner-Server was untangled. I like the explanation about why this was done, my problem is that all my tests were written using Test::TCP relying on the Dancer2 Standalone Server for the server part. With Dancer2 0.140000 al this part went broken.
So I managed to change this line of code:

with this if clause

          if( $Dancer2::VERSION < 0.14 )
         {        Dancer2->runner->server->port($port);    }
         {        Dancer2->runner->{'port'} = $port; }

just to keep retrocompatibility.

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